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Local onboarding failing a global company

Raven Li had her work cut out for her. 

As Head of Onboarding Learning and Development for JLL, a commercial real estate enterprise with team members in over 80 countries, she was tasked with building a robust, global onboarding program – to help welcome and ramp the 1,000-3,000 new hires that JLL brings in monthly.

 “At that time, there were a lot of localized programs, where employees in Singapore are getting something really awesome, but a new joiner in Brazil is not getting the same experience.”

Raven started building her own solution. “The best that we had to offer was a WordPress site. To scale for the full enterprise was a bigger lift.” Raven knew the program ultimately needed more enterprise-ready features such as security, Workday integrations, and customizable automations. For JLL’s scale, a WordPress site was not going to cut it.

This seemed like a dead end, but Raven knew the vital importance of pushing ahead. “Businesses who implement a formal onboarding program have substantially higher retention.” 

In fact, according to HBR, a standardized onboarding process yields a 60% increase in new hire productivity and a 50% increase in new hire retention. And for JLL, retaining their vast, worldwide talent pool was a big priority.

“Attrition is something that we keep top of mind. We want to make sure that we're not losing the talent that we just brought in the door.”

The Solution

The way onboarding should be.

Seizing the opportunity to take onboarding global, Raven partnered with Tangelo to build a fully customizable onboarding program – with automations that scale and analytics that enlighten.

Using Tangelo’s enterprise-ready features and Workday integration, Raven’s team was able to customize the experience for new joiners – instantly building  customized task lists and learning paths for each employee based on their unique location, role, business line, team and more.

While permissioning allowed Raven to invite other People Teams to have localized access to Tangelo. Now local HR admins could customize their own content within certain parameters – building a global experience with local touches.

“To have one program that can dynamically assign employees to give them a tailored experience, without the hand-holding that ties you down from being productive in other spaces –  it's been really helpful.”

Raven Li

Head of Onboarding Learning and Development

The Results

Happier employees across the globe.

After a lightning-quick roll out, the positive impact of JLL’s new global onboarding program were almost immediate. 

No longer buried in administrative tasks, Raven and her team have time to focus on building out programs that help new joiners get up to speed faster – improving employee experiences. 

And, since implementing Tangelo, JLL has seen a  substantial 10 point increase in new hires’ intention to stay year over year.

“With the introduction of Tangelo, we dropped our new hire attrition rates by six percent year over year, which is really substantial.” 

This adds up to approximately $3 Million in productivity cost savings – getting key stakeholders and leadership to take notice.  

“Suddenly, leadership is saying, ‘Okay this is a really high value program. It really makes a substantial difference.’ And that allows us to continue driving [global onboarding] forward.”

Raven Li

Head of Onboarding Learning and Development


Employee attrition rate by 6% – $3 Million in productivity costs 


10 pt increase in employee “Intent to Stay” metrics

Made Awesome

Better data, engaging content and less administrative work = better employee experience and higher retention.

JLL takes enterprise onboarding global – boosting retention and productivity cost savings with automated HR.

JLL does things differently. With 6 unique business lines and a global team of over 90,000 employees, it’s clear that this enterprising market leader is indeed “shaping the future of commercial real estate.” But – without a consistent global onboarding program – high growth resulted in longer ramp times, steep productivity costs and puzzling attrition.

Use Case


Team Size

50,000+ employees

Real Estate

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