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Data & Analytics

Tangelo streamlines and levels-up the employee-data game with a sleek dashboard, dynamic visualizations and integrated surveys. 


In just two clicks, you see exactly how your team is progressing and what stumbling blocks exist – to deliver awesome employee experiences.


Visibility like you’ve never seen. Pun intended. 👀

Ditch the spreadsheet.

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Flexible surveys are fully customizable so you can collect the data points you really need. From preboarding to first promotion – last promotion to offboarding.


Cutting edge analytics platform offers visualizations of detailed feedback so you know where your company stands – always have your finger on the pulse of employees’ experience. Boom.

Customizable Surveys

Tangelo’s real-time dashboard keeps you in the loop on how new hires are progressing – and lets you know about any training hiccups.


Automated notifications involve the entire village – nudging managers, IT or other key team members when employees need a helping hand. 💪

Total Visibility – for all teams.

See meaningful improvement in your ESAT scores and Glassdoor presence with a stronger onboarding experience.

Seamlessly build your referrals program into the process –because a happy new hire is your best advocate. 

What talent war?

Happier employees to drive results. 

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Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems