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Get new hires settled in and up to speed in record time with a fully automated, frictionless system – from set-up and troubleshooting, to security practices and compliance standards.


So they can hit the ground running – without the headache.

Day 1 readiness. Now stress free.




cited onboarding remotely as a challenge

increase in new hire retention with Tangelo

of turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment

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A swift hand-off from offer letter to preboarding to onboarding – so you can effortlessly collect all the important information you need to get new hires up and running.


Tangelo’s simple checklists and engaging content ensure new hires digest crucial security practices and compliance standards.

Get them ready

Plug-and-play with any ticketing system, Tangelo becomes your first layer of defense for troubleshooting. Sit back and enjoy fewer helpdesk requests and tickets to resolve.

Faster ticket resolution provides a better stress-free new hire experience - and less headache for you and your team.

Take it easy

Automated reminders keep you and your team on too or the entire process without having to lift a finger.

Never let new hire setup slip through the cracks again

Stay in the loop

Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems