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Timezones keep your Calendar running around the clock

We’ve seen it all. Global companies supporting growing teams where the clock never stops. Tangelo supports automated assignment of events based on your employee’s region and timezone.


And we track attendance. Duh.

Tangelo provides automated reporting on which attendees joined each session. No more digging through Zoom to figure out if your new team is engaged.

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Ready to effortlessly ramp your

new hires? Let's Automate.

Automate your

Training Calendar

Tangelo automatically schedules every calendar event for your new hires automatically. So you can get back to important work and not worry about missing anything.


Tangelo builds your new hire’s calendar from scratch

Just tell us the rules and we’ll take care of the rest. Using your employee’s location, department and role we can automatically assign them to the exact invites you want them to attend.


​Automations for every type of invite

Group invites? 1 on 1 meetings? Intro to your CEO? Adding your new employees to the recurring all-hands? We’ve got you covered with every calendar event that exists.

Real customers who 

really love Tangelo. 

"Lifesaver for HR Tasks"

“Tangelo has given me hours back in my day. Onboarding is 95% automated now and I'm sure all new hires get the information they need to be successful and quickly acclimate to the company. Read More

“Tangelo has been so helpful. It lets us have that personal touch, without being as hands-on. The system just runs in the background – I don't even need to worry about it.”

Mollie Stearns

People Operations Business Partner at Boston Dynamics

"Improving Onboarding and the New Hire Experience"

“Tangelo's platform has helped us streamline and optimize our onboarding experience for newly hired employees. Automating many of the processes that used to be. Read More

"We cannot do employee onboarding without Tangelo"

It is our one-stop for all things onboarding. It's both a beautiful new-hire facing checklist and a fool proof tool to help our People Team onboard someone without any task falling through the...Read More

"Onboarding and Off-boarding Workflow Life Savers!"

The customer service and support are the best. I love the automation and accessibility that Tangelo offers. It's straightforward to use as an admin and for our employees!

“Tangelo has really streamlined our recruitment process - making us far more efficient while providing a more professional experience for new team members.”

Morgan, Screencastify

“Joining a remote company is a new experience for a lot of people and Tangelo really eases those ‘first day jitters.’”

Stephanie, Wagepoint

“Training can get kind of overwhelming – there’s a lot of important things to accomplish. Tangelo makes it easy to stay on track. Everything is easy to find in one place.”

Tara Reeves

People Operations Generalist at MeBe

“Since launching Tangelo, our NPS score is 89%. That’s a really positive uplift…a shocking difference.”

Gregory, Workwise

People Operations Business Partner at Boston Dynamics

“I love this. It works the way my brain works.”

Sherry, Kajeet

“With Tangelo, our onboarding is great for new hires – and easy for our People team.”

Stephanie, Wagepoint

“Global onboarding can be tricky but Tangelo has come in really handy - offering easy sub-paths that adjust to location-specific details and cultural nuances quickly.”

Andrea, Benitago

“To have one program that can dynamically assign employees to give them a tailored experience, without the hand-holding that ties you down from being productive in other spaces –  it's been really helpful.”

Raven Li

Head of Onboarding Learning and Development

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