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Welcome and empower new team members with customized learning paths and tailored communications – fully automated for a friction-free experience.


To help growing teams fly from “forming” to “performing.”

Awesome new hire experiences. Without lifting a finger.




of companies that invested in onboarding saw KPI gains

Of organizations that invested in onboarding reported revenue increases

increase in productivity and 50% reduction in onboarding time with Tangelo

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Easily customizable learning paths – tailored specifically for each new hire. They’ll feel like the content was hand-crafted for them.


Automated email communications allow you to send personalized intros to new team members. Integrated calendar invites instantly set up one-time and recurring meetings. No manual work from you. Period.

Personal Touch

A swift hand-off from offer letter to preboarding to onboarding allows new hires to dive in and gain confidence right away. 


Unify teams faster with delightful, research-driven content – chock full of best practices and tips from industry leaders. Designed to help you to get your team up, running and productive in record speed. 

Get your team up-and-running

Automated reminders help you stay on top of your teams’ progress – and help you identify any stumbling blocks.


Integrated surveys provide a direct feedback channel to recruiting and HR teams – letting them know whether or not you’ve made the right hire.

Stay in the loop

Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems