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Revenue & Sales Enablement Teams

Empower your enablement crew with the tools and support they need to get ramped, upskilled and crushing it 50% faster.

Faster ramp. Awesome results.




of companies that invested in onboarding saw KPI gains

of organizations invested in onboarding reported revenue increases

increase in productivity with Tangelo

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Tangelo's user-friendly interface guides employees through frictionless workflows that almost feel too easy

A smooth on-ramp to supercharge employee performance - hit KPIs 2X faster.

Get them up to speed.

Modern sales teams utilize every tool at their disposal to ramp employees. Tangelo connects them all.

Instantly sync new hires into your existing LMS, CMS or knowledge-sharing platform - so they can master their tech stack faster. 

Conquer the tech stack.

Checklists are instantly tailored to your employee's role or team - SDR. BDR and AE alike. Tangelo embeds the personalized guidance, tools and content your team needs - all in one place. No more time wasted hunting for important links or sifting through content. Period.

Custom toolkits to drive revenue

Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems