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Communication Automations

We send awesome emails. So you don’t have to.

How many communications – emails, slack messages, etc – need to be sent during a new hires’ first 90 days and beyond? 20? 30? 525,600? Infinity?


Tangelo automatically sends delightful, custom messages direct to your new hire’s inbox or Slack thread – without you lifting a ☝️.

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Tangelo takes hitting “send” off your plate – automatically initiating important email and slack messages exactly when you want them sent. Simply set the trigger, add employees to the workflow, then sit back and watch the awesomeness.

At juuuust the right moment

Keep managers engaged in their new joiner’s experience with authentic, fully automated “welcome” and “check in” emails.


Seamlessly keep the whole team, and other departments, in the loop for important introductions, set up or troubleshooting – so employees can get up, running and crushing it faster.

To coordinate the village

Totally customizable messages written by you, from your email/slack/etc, but automatically sent by Tangelo – tailored to employees with dynamic content. Our automations integrate seamlessly with any chosen communication channel – guaranteed. 


Just picture it: instantly bespoke communication, no manual work. 

Killer comms.

Because they’re from you.

Melting Rings
Glass Castle
Stacked Spheres
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Metallic Planet



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Tools Management

Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems