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Recruitment Teams

Give new hires a warm welcome with simple, engaging first-90-day experiences they'll actually  rave about. So they can hit the ground running - 50% faster.

Onboarding so awesome they'll tell their friends.


50% +


Of referral hires have greater job satistaction and stay longer at companies.

of a new hire’s annual salary = the cost to find and onboard their replacement.

increase in new hire retention with Tangelo

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Get new hires off on the right foot with all the support and tools they need to succeed. Tangelo seamlessly integrates with your existing ATS and HRIS to custom-build checklists in seconds  – perfectly tailored to your new hire’s location, role and team.

A perfect hand-off from offer letter to preboarding allows employees to dive in, upskill and gain confidence right away.

Get them up and running

User-friendly UX makes for a fresh, frictionless new hire experience that is so simple it almost feels too easy. 


Easy, rich customization capabilities immerse new hires in your company culture and values, while delightful content and gamification make the journey fun. Pure new hire joy!

Give them a warm welcome

Know where you stand with powerful analytics from integrated surveys – and see meaningful improvement in your ESAT scores and Glassdoor presence with a stronger onboarding experience.

Seamlessly build your referral program into the onboarding process –  because a happy new hire is your best advocate.

Build the referrals engine
of your dreams

Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems