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Calendar Automations

The best performing teams onboard new hires with between 10-30 live sessions. That is A LOT of calendar invites. 


Whether you’re onboarding a new class every 2 weeks or supporting freshly-promoted managers, Tangelo automatically invites new hires, growing teams and managers to all the important events they need to get up-and-crushing it. 

Take calendar invites off your plate.

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Make recurring onboarding

classes a piece of 🎂

Tangelo automatically adds new hires into the appropriate onboarding class flow – inviting them to every meeting, training and event they need to attend.


Our sophisticated automations allow you to effortlessly customize invites for each employee – tailored precisely to their role, team, location and remote or in-office status. Just sit back and enjoy the awesomeness.

Schedule team meetings – without scheduling them.

Tangelo streamlines coordination for team meetings and team building activities with automated invitations – with perfectly customized invitee lists and the flexibility to automatically add new hires. Team building so easy, you’ll fly from “forming” to “performing” in the blink of an 👁️.

Make 1:1’s a no-brainer

Instantly schedule employee 1:1’s for introductory coffees, goal setting, and any other key meet-ups. So – whether they’re starting as a new hire, a rising manager, or on a new account  – they’ll be making the right connections from the get-go.

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Plug and play with systems and tools

Seamlessly connect with your Payroll, HRIS and ATS systems

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Andrea, Benitago

Tangelo gives us managers everything they need to successfully and smoothly grow their teams.

Raven, JLL Technologies

Tangelo has really helped managers recognize what they need to do on behalf of their new joiners – it’s built awareness and streamlined the process.

Morgan, Screencastify

Tangelo has really streamlined our recruitment process - making us far more efficient while providing a more professional experience for new team members.

See the awesomeness for yourself.

Offer letter to first 90 days.  First promotion to offboarding. 

We’ve got their calendars covered.