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Spreadsheet. Background check. Calendar invite. Rinse & repeat. 

Lauren Gillespie was wasted on busy work.

As the HR & Culture specialist for Anaconda – a data literacy platform doubling their fully-remote headcount Year-Over-Year – it’s no surprise that she spent much of her time onboarding.

“I love welcoming people and being their support – helping our new team members and making sure they feel included from day one.”

And in a WFH environment, employee belonging is vital. According to Inc., a strong sense of belonging shows a 56% increase in job performance and a 50% decrease in attrition.

However, for Lauren, fostering employee belonging took a back seat to busy work – as she spent 20 hours per week drowning in spreadsheets, paperwork, security procedures, and calendar invitations. 

“When you’re onboarding 30-40 people in a quarter, it becomes overwhelming.” 

Plus, these manual HR processes were clearly at odds with their mission to democratize data. 

“We were getting bigger, moving faster. It was exciting but we needed support.”

The Solution

All automated everything.

Lauren lived up to Anaconda’s value of “action,” and seized the opportunity to partner with Tangelo – building a fully automated, scalable onboarding program that still fosters culture belonging.

“Even though I'm not ‘physically’ supporting [our new hires], they still feel supported. I can just trust they're in good hands and having a good experience.”

Using Tangelo’s enterprise-ready Greenhouse integration, Anaconda’s new joiners are now automatically added to a custom-built preboarding workflow the moment the offer letter is signed – no manual work required. From there, customized task lists and learning paths for each employee are built for each employee based on their unique location, role, team and more. Lauren finds the “single source of truth” that Tangelo provides imperative for their high-growth, remote team. “Having things in one place really helps. People are more comfortable, because they know where to find all the important information.”

Read more about Tangelo’s Integrations HERE. 

Next, Lauren started using Tangelo’s calendar automations – integrated seamlessly into Anaconda’s  existing Calendar – to invite team members to trainings, meetings and orientations without any manual work. Invites are hyper-customized to employees’ their role, location and team, so they only receive relevant invitations.

Read more about Tangelo’s Calendar Automations HERE.

“Now,  I'm not missing anyone’s orientation during their first day – they are automatically synced in. It’s amazing. I just love it so much.”

Lauren Gillespie

HR & Culture Specialist

The Results

A team aligned in action – powered by passion. 

After a lightning-quick roll out, the positive impacts of automated onboarding were almost immediate. Onboarding completion rates for new hires have increased to 99% – a 6 % increase quarter over quarter – and manager completion rates have hit 100%. 

“Well over 95% of our employees find Tangelo helpful. It’s keeping hiring managers’ engaged.

The benefits of Tangelo’s automations are also impacting other teams at Anaconda. 

“Our IT team has started building out their own checklists – and IT is hard to impress.”

Even after Tangelo’s automations are up-and-running, Lauren’s team continues to discover benefits and find new ways to partner. 

“We feel very supported. The system runs diagnostics, and lets us know if anything has slipped through the cracks. And the Tangelo team has our backs – always willing to hop on a call, listen to our feedback and try new ideas.”

Lauren Gillespie

HR & Culture Specialist

One such new idea is the implementation of a new Send Safely integration, which allows employees to provide sensitive information and documents – such as passports or social security numbers. 

And now, no longer buried in manual work and spreadsheets, Lauren has time to focus on the big picture – powering the team’s passion with programs that emphasize Anaconda’s culture and support employees’ professional development. 

“We have a lot of brilliant minds working here and we’re all going a million miles an hour. Tangelo has given me the space to help them all feel comfortable and connected and excited. Now we’re really rockin’ and rollin.”


80 hours per month wasted on manual onboarding tasks – a significant productivity cost-savings.


Time to focus on programs that support new hires – emphasizing company culture and professional development.

Made Awesome

Increased employee readiness and team cohesion – across a fully remote, global workforce.

It’s All in the Data: Anaconda takes a Bite at Automated HR to Fuel Team’s Passion.

Customer Stories / Anaconda

“We’re not just a company, we’re a movement.” And, as the world’s most popular data literacy platform, Anaconda moves fast – increasing headcount by 180% over two years. But, their manual onboarding process struggled to keep up – trudging through busy work with little time to provide culture and connection to a fully-remote team.

Use Case


Team Size

500-1000 employees

AI & Technology

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