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So. Many. Emails.

Mollie Stearns needed her own robot. 

As the People Operations Business Partner at Boston Dynamics – an org that grows by 200 employees each year – it’s no wonder that she spent much of her time onboarding. 

“My team’s mission is to support employees. And (onboarding) is my biggest impact,” says Stearns.“It's nerve-racking coming into this company because there are a ton of extremely brilliant and talented people here. I try to make it a comfortable, safe environment.” 

And employee confidence is vital. According to a survey by Indeed, 98% of workers feel they perform better when they’re confident. 

However, for Stearns, providing confidence-inspiring first impressions meant drowning in manual work – spending 8 hours per week sending emails and calendar invites. “That’s a full day dedicated to just the administrative work of onboarding.” 

She was leaving important work behind. “It was too much to handle.”

The Solution

All automated everything. 

As part of a market-leading innovation team, Mollie immediately recognized that Tangelo would streamline their onboarding – automating communications without sacrificing a personal touch. 

“When we came across this system we were so thrilled. Everything we had been doing was manual and we were hiring a ton of people.” 

Mollie started using Tangelo’s calendar automations – integrated seamlessly into Boston Dynamics existing Google Calendar and   – to invite team members to trainings, meetings and orientations without any manual work. Invites are customized – tagging employees based on their role, location and team, so they only receive relevant invitations. 

Read more about Tangelo’s Calendar Automations HERE

Mollie also uses Tangelo’s email automations to send bespoke, perfectly timed emails to new hires and hiring managers. With “domain wide delegation,” Tangelo fully integrates into Boston Dynamics’ email server, so messages come directly from Mollie. Content is dynamic and fully customizable – allowing Mollie to give new hires a warm welcome without lifting a finger. 

Read more about Tangelo’s Communication Automations HERE

“Tangelo has been so helpful. It lets us have that personal touch, without being as hands-on. The system just runs in the background – I don't even need to worry about it.”

Mollie Stearns

People Operations Business Partner at Boston Dynamics

The Results

A team that is ready to hit the ground running. 

Tangelo’s onboarding expert team had Boston Dynamics up and running in less than 8 weeks – designating only one internal admin.

“[Tangelo’s] implementation team was amazing. They met with us weekly and were on top of everything. They solved any problem we had immediately. It was a pleasure working with them.”

Mollie Stearns

People Operations Business Partner at Boston Dynamics

The benefits of Tangelo’s automations are also impacting other teams at Boston Dynamics. “It’s been so beneficial for the IT team. They were interacting with new hires – just as I was – so they’re getting time back in their day too.” 

Now that Mollie has eliminated 32 hours of administrative work per month, she has more time to focus on team member readiness, confidence and performance – supporting managers, developing employee programs, and analyzing key engagement data. 

It’s already becoming clear to Mollie’s team that new hires are feeling more ready on day one. “The feedback has been super positive. Employees feel well prepared. They have a good experience when they’re in the door because they know what to expect on their first day.” 

 It turns out Mollie didn’t find a People Team robot, but she did find the next best thing: onboarding awesomeness.


Time wasted on manual administrative onboarding tasks - an 8 hour decrease per week


Time to focus on new hire experiences, check in with hiring managers and analyze data.

Made Awesome

Increased employee readiness and overall program feedback.

How Boston Dynamics uses email and calendar automations to get their brilliant team mission-ready.

Customer Stories  /  Boston Dynamics

Despite the mind-blowing robotics innovation at Boston Dynamics, the onboarding process for their fast-growing team was bogged down by manual work - leaving little time for the warm welcome and follow-up required to welcome new team members.

Use Case


Team Size

500-1000 employees

Robotics, Artificial Intelligence

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