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It takes a *very large* village.

Tara Reeves understands first hand the potentially high impact of high-potential employees. 

As People Operations Generalist at MeBe, a premier, nation-wide provider that serves over 1,300 children in nine regions, Reeves oversees the high-volume onboarding of Behavior Technicians (BT). But this wasn’t always her focus. She started as a BT herself. 

“BTs are our frontline – they go into the field and implement the therapy that improves the lives of our clients.” 

And while these employees are generally students or recent grads, they have an immense impact on their clients’ lives. “Some children are completely non-verbal and after a few weeks, it's amazing, they start to communicate.”  

Despite their vital role, BT turnover rate is very high. “The job is really challenging. Emotionally. Physically. But they’re the people who really drive our mission. ”  

As a result, Reeves was manually onboarding 3-30 BTs every week. And, due to intensive training requirements, she found herself drawing in follow up – answering countless questions and clearing up endless confusion. 

This left little time to focus on improving employee experience or lowering churn. “Our goal is to provide the highest quality service, so we want to keep our BTs confident and happy. But it was just too much.”

The Solution

Automating an important mission. 

Seeing an opportunity to lighten her manual load, Tara turned to Tangelo as a way to streamline and simplify MeBe’s onboarding – automating perfectly customized emails, reminders and task lists for convenience with a warm, supportive touch.

“Starting as a BT can get kind of overwhelming – there’s a lot of important things to accomplish. Tangelo makes it easy to stay on track. Everything is easy to find in one place.”

Tara started using Tangelo’s calendar automations to invite incoming BTs to equipment pickups and orientation – minus any manual work. These automations also remind new hires about external certification deadlines, and equipment pickups. No back-and-forth or follow-up required.

Read more about Tangelo’s Calendar Automations HERE

Tara also uses Tangelo’s email automations to send vital communications about training and external certifications.With “domain wide delegation,” Tangelo fully integrates into MeBe’s email server, so messages come directly from Tara. Content is dynamic and fully customizable – allowing Tara to emphasize important details in an encouraging tone. 

Read more about Tangelo’s Communication Automations HERE 

“Now I know everyone is getting the information and reminders they need, but customizations still let me ease their minds a bit – to remind them ‘you’re going to do great with your kiddos’ Tangelo is literally the app of our dreams”

Tara Reeves

People Operations Generalist at MeBe

The Results

A ready frontline is a happy frontline. 

After getting up-and-running with Tangelo in June 2022, started seeing an impact immediately – not only in employee readiness, but in their confidence and satisfaction.

“I started getting emails like ‘Oh my gosh, training has been great’ or ‘I feel so welcomed.”

Tara Reeves

People Operations Generalist at MeBe

After welcoming over 190 employees via Tangelo, the benefits are trickling down to other teams. “New hires used to ask their recruiters ‘Wait, where do I go for this?’ or ‘How do I get this certification? Now they can focus on outreach and interviewing” 

Having eliminated 32 monthly hours of administrative work, Tara has time to develop programs dedicated to employee experience and retention. “Rewards and recognition is a big focus. Getting a shout out makes a big impact – it makes people want to stay here and work with us.” 

So, with the help of a little onboarding awesomeness, Tara can better support MeBe’s frontline and bring out their absolute best. “It makes me feel like I’m making a difference.”


8 hrs per week clearing up new hire confusion.


Employee readiness  –  ~40% increase in pre boarding completion rate.

Made Awesome

More time to focus on initiatives that improve employee performance & retention.

MeBe automates onboarding for frontline workers – supporting children nationwide

Customer Stories  /  MeBe

Premiere provider, MeBe, is determined to ensure that every family has access to the best occupational, speech and behavior therapies. However, managing the high-volume onboarding and extensive training required to execute on this important mission left the team burnt out – drowning in administrative work and new hire confusion.

Use Case


Team Size

250-500 employees

Mental Health Care

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